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Model: 200-FT9030(3+1)

The most suitable Multifunctional Power Training Rack can be offered follow with customer's requirements, and the most scientific product design can be provided according to training site and the specific requirement from the clients. The design is free. Completed within 24~48 working hour, installation site drawing design and product rendering design.

The right video is the GYM club in U.S.A. which equipped with Triumph Fitness Equipments. At the middle of video you can read the big Multifunctional Power Training Rack which is designed according to club area and training venue requirements
Combining 3 Olympic Lifting Stations, Monkey Bars, Olympic Weight Storage, Functional Accessory Storage, Cable System, and various Functional Accessory stations, the rig assembly is designed to provide a complete gym solution. Multiple athletes are able to train at a time doing a variety of exercises. Racks offer configurable customization that allows for nearly limitless performance strength training possibilities. According to the customer's request,to upgrade with combining other racks so that it can grow with your training needs for it is modularity .Like the storage function.
Included in this pre-configured package:
  • × 15Monkey Bars
  • × 1 Triple Cross
  • × 1 Multi-grip cross
  • × 3 Lifting Stations with Bar Supports and Catches
  • × 3 Ground Rotational Stations
  • × 3 Ball Targets
  • × 6 Accessory Flat Trays
  • × 6 Ball Trays
  • × 3 Fly Pull-up Sets
  • × 1 Dip Attachment
  • × 1 Step Attachment
  • × 1 Cable Crossover Station
  • × 2 Universal Heavy Bag Mounts
  • Features: Triumph Ftiness racks offer configurable customization that allows for nearly limitless performance strength training possibilities.

    Triumph Ftiness gives you the options to make your performance training regimen flexible, and because of modularity, each rack can be modified long after it is installed so that it can grow with your training needs.

    FT9030(3+1) combines the most used training equipment of Olympic lifting and cable cross/functional training units to provide many different uses and exercises. For the cable cross parts, it uses 4:1 pulley system. Also, pull-up bars, ball targets,Flying frame and plenty of storage are all included.

  • Specification:
    Dimensions: 409×145.6×124.4 inch / 10.4×3.7×3.16 m
    Net weight: 2645lbs / 1200kg
    Gross weight: 2866lbs/ 1300kg
  1. Raw steel: 75×75×3mm/3"×3" 11-Gauge steel
  2. The 3D laser cutting machine has high processing precision with error within ±0.020 mm
  3. Safety hook + bumper
  4. Configurable 50mm thick weight lifting platform
  5. It can be combined with FT7080 adjustable weight bench.
  6. Optional with a variety of functional accessories (Flying frame* 3, black storage shelf * 3 sets, ball target * 3, bumper * 6, J type hook * 6, Ground rational trainer * 3, bell hanging rod * 6, boxing bag hanging arm * 2, pedal * 1,dip bar* 1,triangle trainer,Olympic bar holder,plate holder,elastic band. etc.)
  7. Rack color can be customized according to customers´ needs
  8. It can be combined with other products to increase the storage function
  9. Angled chin up handles
  10. Numbers are made by laser cutting on the upright frames.
  11. Because of modularity, it´s easy to meet other functions with easy access
  12. We can quickly provide design sketch according to customer requirements
  13. Short leading time (4-8 weeks, from design to delivery to your port)
Power racks are common in commercial gyms. The power rack is a great tool, because it allows you to lift heavy weights safely. Unlike traditional machines in the gym, the power rack is extremely versatile. You can use it for back squats, front squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press and heavy rows. It´s like a playground for lifters.

A power rack is unquestionably one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have in your gym. It allows you to perform exercises that range from bench presses to squats. As the centerpiece of your fitness routine, you will need your power rack to be made of the highest quality materials and provide you with the flexibility to do multiple exercises. Power racks, also known as "power cages" or "squat cages" consist of a steel cage that you stand in while exercising. These cages have horizontal safety bars that can be adjusted at varying heights to spot you during your workout.

All commercial gyms have power racks, usually more than one. They are typically located wherever squatting is taking place. Although squatting is often associated with power racks, you can actually do several different exercises safely inside them, including:
1. Bench Press 2. Close Grip Bench Press 3. Overhead Press 4. Rack Lockout 5. Rack Pull 6. Barbell Shrug 7. Inverted Row 8. Barbell Bent Over Rows
9. Lunges 10. Shoulder Press 11. Calf raises 12. Bent-over row 13. Bicep curls 14. Deadlift 15. Shoulder shrugs
Power racks nowadays often include pull up bars and the ability to add attachments for additional exercises such as dips, lat pull-downs, and rows. These attachments can add a lot of variety to your workout and increase the total number of exercises possible. These tend to take up a lot of floorspace due to their larger footprints. And most are 8 feet tall or higher, so you need to have high enough ceilings.
custom-made Logo, ⇑ We have advanced laser cutting technology that can accept your logo customization. ⇑
Triumph power rack which is safe and efficient is the ideal multifunctional muscle building equipment for you. Made of square steel frame with a scratch proof powder coated finish, resist rust and corrosion, it is designed for long-term use. Featuring wide "walk-in" design, The two pull up bars for putting emphasis on your shoulder and arm. All-in-one exercise station also act as home gym. Adjustable bar's height fits different basement. there is plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises. Sturdy steel frame adds extra durability and designed for long term use. good to train your whole body.

J-shape Bar hanging,can hang on the barbell with 600lbs weight plates. High strength safety stops.Protact you from the barbell when making weightlifting workouts
Ground Rotational Trainers/Station.Add more comfort and efficient movement to exercises perfomed using an Olympic bar with a ground rotational trainer. The handles rotate independently for easier transition for ground to overhead movements, adds comfort for performing squats, lunges, presses and more. Punch bag hanging,It can bear a standard boxing bag which is 1.5 m in length.
Medical Ball target.Squat Ball Throw can build your muscles and power.Muscles Worked: Abs, Shoulders, legs Footplate,Jump up and down by steps and Exercise your balance
Dip bar.can make Dips,Leg Raises,Modified Push-Ups,Modified Pull-Ups to train your tricep and back muscles. Additional frame for mass storage.we can add 9 tier or more plateform for mass stroges for kettle-bell,medicine ball,dumbbell and other tools.
Fly frame,can make some suspeension systom workout in your rack,such as TRX Suspension Training,Suspension Weight Training.
      At Triumph fitness we understand that not all clubs or studios have the same needs, size or markets. This is why we, as the manufacturer, are uniquely to YOUR specific nedds. No matter your specific needs and wants we can modify and customize our equipment to fit your clients and customers. Smaller, larger or evern different training options, we will build your equipment to your requirements. Let Triumph Fitness help you build the club you want by customizing equipment needed to help your customers achieve their goals!
Power Racks are one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment in any commercial gym. Triumph Fitness LLC offers Power Racks that are ideal for seated, standing and lying free weight barbell exercises including bench press, squats, overhead press, rack pulls, rows, shrugs, and many more. That's the beauty of having a Power Rack - you can safely perform all of the lifts that count. Triumph Fitness LLC Factory's wide assortment of Power Racks include standard four-pillar and safety rail designs with high-gauge stainless steel construction that function as a substitute for a human spotter. Each Power Rack features adjustment holes for the placement of standard and available barbell lift-offs, j-cups or safeties to ensure proper safety during a multitude of exercises. These safety measures help lifters to escape both the barbell and weights should they reach fatigue or failure.
Triumph Ftiness RACKS - Triumph Ftiness Fitness brings professional level strength, next level functionality and superior quality to your training facility. Trusted by professional sports teams and universities, Triumph Ftiness racks sets the standard of quality in the strength training industry. Talk to a Triumph Ftiness Fitness & Strength sales representative about all the capabilities and custom options available . The Triumph Ftiness series of racks delivers customization, versatility and functionality. Add to your rack system with a multitude of attachments and rack connectors.

Series features
    Create a performance strength training area tailored to your athletes by combining different rack and storage options with a wide variety of training attachments.
    Features like Anvil Bracingand High Strength Hardwares ensure extreme durability and structural rigidity.
    Modularity makes it easy to add training options long after the Triumph Ftiness rack has been installed. Create the ideal strength training system over time.
Triumph Ftiness Fitness is committed to the idea that your strength training facility is meticulously customized to your vision, goals, attitude, space requirements and budget. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our gym rigs and custom rack solutions. With an expert engineering team and some of the most advanced metal fabrication technology at our fingertips, we are able to design and manufacture custom solutions for commercial gyms, school gyms and other group training spaces.
For large facilities, the most common Triumph Ftiness rig configurationuses alternating 4' and 6' crossmembers for squat/press stations and pull-up stations. These units can come configured as either a free-standing rig or as a wall-mount unit.
Our rigs, racks, and stands all come with compatible J-Cups, Bar Catchers and hardware. Many configurations enable convenient plate storage for max space efficiency.
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