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        Customized Fitness Systems, specializes in the design, supply and service of commercial exercise facilities. We produce and develop the highest quality exercise equipment including WEIGHT LIFTING, CROSSFIT, CARDIO AND STRENGTH, SUSPENSION TRAINING, treadmills, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING equipment, MULTI-GYM, REHABILITATION , SELECTORIZED, PLATE LOADED, BOXING RING, STORAGE , stairclimbers, bikes, strength equipment, free weights, and fitness accessories. Not only will we design the perfect fitness system for your business, we can educate you on the proper use of all of your fitness equipment and perform all the necessary preventive maintenance for you!

       Home fitness equipment is much cheaper than commercial fitness products.
       So. what's the difference between Commercial fitness machine and Home fitness equipment?
  1. The motors of household fitness equipmentss are generally DC motors, while the commercial ones are AC motors. As for the perspective of continuous work, the home machines cannot continue to operate at high intensity like commercial machines.
  2. The length of a home fitness equipments is generally up to about 1.8 meters, while the length of a commercial fitness equipments is generally more than 2.1 meters.
  3. Home fitness equipment motor horsepower is relatively small, generally less than 2; commercial fitness equipmentss have higher power, generally more than 3 horses. Moreover, there is no frequency converter in the home fitness equipments, and the lifting motor is much smaller.
  4. The running boards and running belts of home fitness equipmentss are thinner than commercial fitness equipmentss.
  5. The control panel of a home fitness equipments may have less functions, or be not as professional as a commercial machine.
  6. Most of home fitness equipmentss have shorter warranties than commercial fitness equipmentss.
  7. Home fitness equipment is relatively thin, commercial strength equipment is relatively thick, generally around 3 mm thick
  8. Home fitness equipment generally make from round tubes, while commercial equipment make from square tube and elliptical tubes.
  9. Home fitness equipment consumes less raw materials and is relatively simple,while the commerical ones are more, which are generally extended and added.
  10. In terms of workmanship,such as the spray paint, raw materials,the commerical equipment is better than the household. But the price is much higher

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